EST. 2017

This is us. Lauren, Chris, Teddy, Charlotte & Clara

Chark Attack Threads started in October of 2017, with a fierce love for the small shop world, an overflow of puns, and a name. That name which encompasses our littles, was thought up while on vacation and playing a game of "Chark" Attack, in a pool with our daughter Charlotte, and son Teddy. Charlotte is the reason for the C in Chark, and Teddy well, every game he plays involves some sort of attack! Our littlest, Clara, came along soon after opening the shop, and while she may not have been around for the naming, she is the tail end of our family, and the Chark. All three of them inspire me, and many of the designs are drawn from them.

All the designs in the shop are created by myself or my husband (he taught me everything I know about graphic design, so when things are beyond my knowledge, he is pretty handy to have around). We hope you love them!

 Chark Attack Threads has become more than a part time job, but still gives me the freedom to be at home with my kids, which I am unbelievably grateful for. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you find something you love.